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Mace Polymers & Additives is a leader in polyurethane development. For use on wood, concrete, metal, plastics, films, foil & flexible substrates, our product line includes:

Water-borne Polyurethane Dispersions:

•    Nano-Engineered PUD’s
•    Antigraffiti Coatings
•    Automotive Coatings
•    Gymnasium Floor Coatings
•    Paper Coatings
•    Adhesives

Solvent-Borne Polyurethane Solutions:

•    Textile Coatings for Military Specifications
•    Commercial Textile Finishes
•    Thermoplastic Resins
•    Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
•    Miscellaneous: Laminating adhesives, nitrile coatings, moisture     cure, release coatings, nonravel & one-coat compounds

Macekote WB PUD’s offer:

•    Ultra Hard with Nano Metal Oxide
•    Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant
•    Green with Renewable Content
•    NMP & Zero VOC Choices

Macekote SB Polyurethanes offer:

•    Exceptional Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
•    Built-in Stain Resistance
•    Wet-look Appearance